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upcoming cd

We believe one of the most beautiful ways to express and feel different cultures is definitely through music.

Music and culture are ways of expression that don’t need any kind of language to communicate - they do it from themselves.


As a group of four persons that share the same culture and language (four Portuguese), and specially because all of us live together and outside our country, we also feel this connection through the music we make together, making sometimes very easy to understand each other without really speaking.


What was very easy for us to understand is the connection we have, as a group, with music that represents or is inspired in different cultures. Having this idea, the theme "Ciudades" showed up.


“Ciudades” is a piece by the Dutch composer Guillermo Lago - very dear to us - with 6 movements, where each movement has the name of a city that inspired the composer. This great work will be the center of CD, for which also Lago wrote a special edition string quintet accompaniment, to be premiered on the CD.


Alongside with Ciudades, there will be two new commissions of two very young composers: Nuno Lobo and Ramin Amin-Tafreshi. Lobo comes from Portugal and will write a piece inspired on the city of Porto, and Tafreshi, as Iranian, will write a piece inspired on persian and courdish folk songs.


This is also a way to promote new pieces for the formation as well as an affirmation of the young and fresh energy we want this CD to have.


To end, three movements from the Spanish Suite nr. 1 by Isaac Albéniz, where can be seen as well the potential of a formation like the saxophone quartet by playing transcriptions of works written for other instruments like the piano.


It will be an album full of color, energy and freshness and, the most important, we feel that on this way we show who we are, what we stand for, and that we are completely committed to our believes as a saxophone quartet.